Sunday, December 28, 2008

Facebook Censors Breastfeeding Mums

Facebook has allegedly decided to censor breastfeeding mothers photos as they are 'obscene.' A physical protest is taking place today (27 December 08) at Palo Alto from 11AM to 2PM(PT), outside Facebook's headquarters. An online protest is also taking place. Members are uploading photos of themselves nursing their babies as their profile pictures. See here:

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My personal rant on this...

I personally find this a bit much - you can see just as much on the cover of magazines commonly for sale in shops for instance... So they decide what I can and can't share, and what is appropriate? I get no choice which of my friends third party Applications have access to all of my information (THEY ALL DO!!!) So to block these applications who I don't know/trust/like I have to block my friends. Whihc leaves you all alone in FaceBook, as most people have been fooled like I was in the beginning. I personally find FaceBook's policies completely insecure and disgustingly un-transparent. Even MYSPACE gives you total control over who and what you share your info with. And the fact that you can't DELETE your account, only CLOSE it... FaceBook is a slimy cesspool that will become more and more corrupted and perverted as time goes on...

140,000,000 users, 55,000 applications and counting... FaceBook says they are monitoring third-party applications, but how could they possibly have the time or manpower to monitor all activity? In my opinion this is just a smokescreen, and to compete with MYSPACE they allowed developers access to all of everyone's info once they use that application.

Yeah, so I might be 'being paranoid' but how do I know that an application is not really run by a Pedophile ring, harvesting baby photos to sell on the blackmarket? Word of mouth?

How do I know that applications aren't harvesting credit card numbers and email addresses for future scams and fraud?

Why is my friends who use applications inbox going wild since they started playing 'games' on FaceBook?


Heard of FriendFeed? It's a social networking website, which takes feeds from all(most?) of your other social networking sites and feeds them into one post.

It is a pretty handy application/website... I have it integrated with Digg, Twitter,Facebook,My Blog, And more. This blog post will end up in there once I hit enter and 'PUBLISH POST'

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Australia's Greatest Living Guitarist


Who is Viral Mickey?

Current proposals and speculations.

  • He is the anti-matter reverse image of Liam Vickery.
  • He is the anagram of Liam Vickery.
  • He haunts Liam Vickery for no reason at all other than a preposterous habitual shrieking which can be heard from man miles away...
  • He is found only in Cyber Space currently...
  • No sightings have been made otherwise, and youTube is currently awaiting content upload just to see what his latest encouragements will be.
  • A band of thirteen people and four dogs have been apprehended stalking Viral Mickey... He considers privacy invasion to be totally uncool.
  • KoobFace is really just an anagram of FaceBook... and is pretty much the same thing... A trojan created for the purpose of capturing your information.

Apparently, Viral Mickey exploits are rumoured to be on the rise.
I'll keep you posted...

P.S. What is a Viral Mickey Finn?

Okay, my last post could be considered a little Biased... I mean, who am I to declare that?

Well it seems that the greatest source of information in the world.. agrees!

It is now officially confirmed. This is 100% proof that Liam Vickery is Australia's Greatest Living Guitarist.

See this screenshot for evidence:

So yes, The greatest Australian guitarist to ever live is most certainly Liam Vickery. It is a certainty that the Best Australian guitarist ever is Liam Vickery, and NOT Viral Mickey.

DO NOT Believe Viral Mickey! He is not real!!!

Picasso smiley strikes again

Picasso smiley strikes again!


What next? Well, it's coming... more to come in this post I don't have time to finish it right now,
but this page is just here in recognition of ..-)

Picasso smiley. One of my offspring...
You saw it here first.

(This page is currently the official Picasso smiley fan club page so feel free to comment here)

(:|) Moo!

Yeah I know this is all a bit silly but we all need a little light hearted fun and games now and then don't we? I'm a big kid really... Not all the time, but we're all just here doing our best in life so sometimes it's nice to not takes things so seriously, or just to think a little differently from your normal routine, even if that means taking the colon from a smiley, and replacing it with two periods, creating PICASSO SMILEY!

w00t w00t
The sheriff will be after that Picasso smiley character if he causes any trouble, he reckons he has strange eyes and he'll be watching him!

Any other ideas for getting creative people? Comments are very welcome here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New twitter logo

Thanks by the way, Twitter... For making your logo available as a high resolution .psd file for Photoshop! I love you guys....

So the answer to the earlier question "Who is the greatest living Australian guitarist of all time" is Liam Vickery! Yep it really is true. You know it! (Snicker, laughs because he really ISN'T the greatest Aussie guitarist ever...)

I really reckon that title deserves to go to The phenomenal and formidable TOMMY EMMANUEL!
Apparently he has a new instructional video out called 'Emmanuel Labour' and I am very keen to see this sometime soon. His brother Phil Emmanuel is also a very worthy guitarist, who is more into the electric side of things, whereas Tommy is more of an acoustic afficionado. Sheesh, I mean GURU!!!

So yeah people if you haven't seen him before, check out Tommy say here on you tube...
Tommy Emmanuel playing Classical Gas...

That's all for now...

Oh and p.s. does this logo get artifacts?
*Update: No, it comes out perfect ;-)

What the BLIP do I know?

It's true!

Did you know that Liam Vickery is the greatest Australian guitarist of all time.

This is 100% true and has been proven by me on numerous occasions.
For evidence, see the internet... THE source for informative TRUE information.

You can hear me play guitar on some of the songs at my website (You know where, or if you don't then Google it... You'll find it!)

Also, check out some music I like at BLIP.FM
Blip ROCKS MY WORLD! What a great idea! It is kinda a social networking site for music, where everyone listens to and shares music, and you can find downloads to buy of the songs etc.

Really cool. I personally love all the competition and millions of social networking and similar sites abound. It will be interesting to see long term which sites and companies will live and which will die.

I am currently using twitter (you can follow me at and have it integrated it with or playing around with;

Twitty Tunes.

P.S. The artifacts in the .png image here where created when I uploaded this image to blogger. They were NOT in my original file. I am not redoing it though (I just spent 10 minutes making this logo, and that is enough time on it for now, I am not re-editing just so it looks prettier on my blog, hehe you can either follow me or not and I'm sure the logo will do it's job...)

(I will probably fix this later when I have more time)

So, getting back to BLIP, you can find me DJing at Blip is absolutely 10 stars in my book, apart from a little lag in responsiveness now and then (and when you have a million connections open haha) it is a great service I totally recommend you to join or at least check out. It is free, and has great users...

Check it out people!

So I wonder if I really am "The greatest Australian guitarist of all time" ? We'll see I guess.
More on the other social networking sites I am on and using, and links to them in another post soon. Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Latest Internet Explorer security hole patched

Check it out! Microsoft's latest GAPING SECURITY HOLE is patched!,139033343,339293905,00.htm#talkback

Update your Internet Explorer now guys... (And then DON'T use it anyway!)

MUCH BETTER BROWSERS: These all support modern web standards and security much better than Explorer ever did, and by the looks of it, ever will. Lose the dinosaur I reckon microsoft... Team up somehow and rebrand Firefox or Chrome or something...

Google chrome is open source, you will be able to steal that code, encrypt and compile it and pass it off as your own work!

At least that Browser would be more secure than your swiss cheese type offering, that smells like same, but as if the cheese had been left out in a warm, moist mouldy room for a week. Simple. Explorer stinks, and is full of holes....

This is what I prefer to do to explorer myself:

Online surveys

Okay. I Joined an online survey company in mid November. So far it is not that impressive... I won't say the name of the company... (Yet?)

I emailed them through their online feedback form when they asked for feedback:


I seem to have only been credited for 1 survey.

I have attempted HEAPS and wasted about an hour or more to continually get rejected and told I don't qualify after HEAPS of questions, more than seems reasonably needed to qualify. I feel ripped off. I will also be copying and pasting this text to my blog and wait your response...

I will not post your reply in my blog (if you do) as that is confidential, but I will say whether I am happy with my response or not and whether I should recommend you to my readers or not. Cheers - Liam Vickery.

I felt a bit silly after sending this to them, but also felt obligated to post this on my blog as I said I would.


I have joined a few of these sort of things lately, will let you guys know if any are actually any good, and which ones earn some descent money online... And which are rubbish to stay away from.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to uninstall facebook applications

Currently the answer to the title of this blog post 'How to uninstall facebook applications' is you can't. Well at least not the official FaceBook applications. Which brings dismay to me and many a user...

There is some serious privacy problems going on from what I can tell with FaceBook.

When you join you have applications like the Gift application by default and cannot remove them. Third party applications can be developed which can either 'pull' your info and details or not. I am yet to find one which doesn't ask you to do this to use them. So to use their application you have to share you and ALL YOUR FRIENDS information including details, pictures, friends etc...

Okay this is another issue.. look at the following picture. The default setting for this application and all I've seen: CHECKED! So the program has access to all of my data at any time. The data is all of my profile, and all of my friends' as well as pictures etc...

Have a read of some of the typical Facebook users' comments about one of the default applications in Facebook, in this next picture I have created. This is an actual screenshot from the 'Gifts' application page. I just blurred the users name and images for privacy reasons obviously, as that is the whole point and problem here. (Click ON the picture to see a better quality version)

I can't believe that they are not listening to their users on this one.

So I made the mistake of actually writing a few pretty harsh and crass comments around the FaceBook world which was silly so I thought I would blog about it for posterity, lest I get kicked off there. Hehehe. No great loss if I do though. It has been good while it has lasted but I have decided to make a stand here as I feel this is important and needs to be clarified.

I have created this group for anyone who uses FaceBook and wishes to join in and help here.

Hopefully I'm not booted and the group helps somehow... FaceBook I really love you, sorry for swearing and the nasty comments, but I demand respect for all of us!!! What you are doing is not right and needs to be updated and fixed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 08 - My latest social networking toy

My latest toy: Friendfeed!
Wow, this is great! It integrates a whole lot of web services and things that you do, e.g.

Post videos to Youtube, your status updates in facebook, digg posts, flickr etc.

And then creates a feed like this:

Pretty handy huh? I am very impressed, and dare say I will be using this for sure!
Social networking over the web is becoming more and more real time...

Have a mobile device (Laptop with USB wireless modem is a great choice here in Australia, due to the nicer screen size and keyboard but still portable to anywhere...) and you can be up to date with whatever and whoever you like these days. You can even use VoIP services and talk programs and cut some of your mobile or phone bills... Spend it on more data usage or higher speeds or just save money.

Becoming more and more things to keep up with these days, and all the world is a chatter.
That is why for me, tools like this can be very handy.

Wanna know something cool? This post will go straight to my Friendfeed, check it out!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Facebook Bug.

Okay people, I thought this was pretty funny. A bug in facebook's time system...

To understand what I mean here, just look at the picture:

I'm not sure how clear the picture will come out here, but if you look at my comment time it says I posted it TOMORROW! Hehe I haven't even seen a simple forum or anything do that before. Pretty funny.

I will post a better picture sometime in my forum.

Am I the first to write an article about it?
I just updated my website a little, it is okay I guess but needs a lot of work to show what I am capable of properly. It is going very smoothly though, with a guest book, forum, some of my music including a song featuring a very angry woman swearing at a person I know... I wonder if she will ever hear it? You can hear it in any case at

I found this interesting and really cool...

Finally a company GETS IT! Round and shiny is great, but not for everything and especially not at the cost of usability or efficiency.

Myself would rather simple, or even ugly... Than slow, buggy and bloated just to be shiny and look 'better'. I think there is much beauty in simplicity sometimes. - My thought for the day.

A great product I have just started using for XML RSS and atom feeds etc. is Google Reader.

You can use it to subscribe to news feeds and things like that, and be current to world events at anytime of the day. You dont have to install it onto you computer, it is a web application online.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Wow! Trojans found in the form of a Macca's ad.
McVirus! lol.

So as always, the rules are:
  • Don't open attachments from unknown emails. Ever. Really.
  • Make sure you have a virus scanner.
  • Make sure your virus definitions are up to date. (update your virus scanner)
  • Always scan attachments first before opening them and installing or running programs they contain.
Not much else to post right now, I'm a little tired...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The answer to my earlier question about editing your blog is

So, if I edit an earlier post, does the date update? *5-12-2008 Lets see. I am editing the text right now, we'll see what happens when I save. I am new to Blogger as you can see by the fact that this is the second post. I will have to play around a little with some random posts and edits as you do.... just to see what happens.

I like knowing what I am working with and being able to make the most of what I have, and this is a great tool here at Blogger. What do you think I shoud write about next?

This is just a short post so far, I'm not sure if I can edit it or just delete it later. I'll soon find out as I play around here in the blogger interface, whatever you call this page I am editing this blog in.

*WOOT WOOT you can edit the pages later and that's all good! Great work blogger! you guys rock.

It's pretty handy dandy really.
_-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_ _-_
d_b d_b d_b d_b d_b d_b d_b d_b d_b
|| || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || ||
|| || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || || ||
q_p q_p q_p q_p q_p q_p q_p q_p q_p

| 0 O|

Some ascii art for your viewing pleasure.

I can't be bothered previewing, bit tired and going back to lie down now. That's it for the blog of Liam Vickery, 4 December 2008. (Will be a good silly season, with cheap fuel prices... Oil under $50 dollars a barrel currently!) Great for people to go on holidays with the affordable costs for driving longer distances with the current petrol prices.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And a new blog is born.


(No this is not a programming blog... but I do know why you might have thought it was... see here for what the hell I am talking about if you don't get this...)

Okay. So I did it, I actually created a blog. Dunno why, I have my own website and could just do it there... I am just the experimental type that likes to put my fingers in all the pies and try lots of different things. Whilst I may not post much content very often here, when I do you write something new, it is SURE to be a big rant...

Now playing: 14 Gillian - The Waifs (A Brief History... (Disc 1))
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Seen/Got FOXYTUNES yet? get it for your FireFox (or IE if you for some unknown reason still use that obsolete virus carrier... I STRONGLY recommend getting FireFox, Opera, Safari,Chrome... Anything that is actually STANDARDS COMPLIANT) IE doesn't support agreed on web standars that other people have been settled on for years, and is the most exploited and affected by malware of any of the modern browsers, (DISCLAIMER - in my experience anyway, and this is my opinion only.)

Check out some music that I have made if you like, and you can see FoxyTunes in action on my page...

Now playing: 04 Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden (Badmotorfinger)
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I also added these 'now playing' links by pressing a button. Neat huh?

I installed JOOMLA last night on my windows machine... Great application.
It is an Open Source CMS or 'Content Management System' which relies on Apache web server,
MySQL database, and PHP.

I started getting those softwares individually, and had set up apache when I found a link to XAMPP by - It is a great software set that is crossplatform - combining Apache MySql PHP and PERL. I uninstalled my original apache and set it up and it works great!

By the way, I am from Australia.
Have you seen the movie by Baz Luhrmann?

Now playing: 08 Let You Down - Dave Matthews Band (Crash)
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The best original music I have heard lately is by Chrystal and The Rock, an amazing group of musicians, led by the georgeous and soulful Chrystal Lynch...

I am not a very lyrically oriented person, being a guitarist and all, I usually listen more to the elody and other content than the actual words... She has some really amazing songs though which really caught my ears and made me listen... Awesome! Keep your ears open and eyes on this girl I recommend it.

Now playing: 14 TV News - Living Colour (Stain)
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Over and out for now...

I'll leave you with this:
Now playing: 02 Wholly Cats - Charlie Christian (The Original Guitar Hero)
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