Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And a new blog is born.


(No this is not a programming blog... but I do know why you might have thought it was... see here for what the hell I am talking about if you don't get this...)

Okay. So I did it, I actually created a blog. Dunno why, I have my own website and could just do it there... I am just the experimental type that likes to put my fingers in all the pies and try lots of different things. Whilst I may not post much content very often here, when I do you write something new, it is SURE to be a big rant...

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Seen/Got FOXYTUNES yet? get it for your FireFox (or IE if you for some unknown reason still use that obsolete virus carrier... I STRONGLY recommend getting FireFox, Opera, Safari,Chrome... Anything that is actually STANDARDS COMPLIANT) IE doesn't support agreed on web standars that other people have been settled on for years, and is the most exploited and affected by malware of any of the modern browsers, (DISCLAIMER - in my experience anyway, and this is my opinion only.)

Check out some music that I have made if you like, and you can see FoxyTunes in action on my page...

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I also added these 'now playing' links by pressing a button. Neat huh?

I installed JOOMLA last night on my windows machine... Great application.
It is an Open Source CMS or 'Content Management System' which relies on Apache web server,
MySQL database, and PHP.

I started getting those softwares individually, and had set up apache when I found a link to XAMPP by - It is a great software set that is crossplatform - combining Apache MySql PHP and PERL. I uninstalled my original apache and set it up and it works great!

By the way, I am from Australia.
Have you seen the movie by Baz Luhrmann?

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The best original music I have heard lately is by Chrystal and The Rock, an amazing group of musicians, led by the georgeous and soulful Chrystal Lynch...

I am not a very lyrically oriented person, being a guitarist and all, I usually listen more to the elody and other content than the actual words... She has some really amazing songs though which really caught my ears and made me listen... Awesome! Keep your ears open and eyes on this girl I recommend it.

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Over and out for now...

I'll leave you with this:
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