Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Australia's Greatest Living Guitarist


Who is Viral Mickey?

Current proposals and speculations.

  • He is the anti-matter reverse image of Liam Vickery.
  • He is the anagram of Liam Vickery.
  • He haunts Liam Vickery for no reason at all other than a preposterous habitual shrieking which can be heard from man miles away...
  • He is found only in Cyber Space currently...
  • No sightings have been made otherwise, and youTube is currently awaiting content upload just to see what his latest encouragements will be.
  • A band of thirteen people and four dogs have been apprehended stalking Viral Mickey... He considers privacy invasion to be totally uncool.
  • KoobFace is really just an anagram of FaceBook... and is pretty much the same thing... A trojan created for the purpose of capturing your information.

Apparently, Viral Mickey exploits are rumoured to be on the rise.
I'll keep you posted...

P.S. What is a Viral Mickey Finn?

Okay, my last post could be considered a little Biased... I mean, who am I to declare that?

Well it seems that the greatest source of information in the world.. google.com agrees!

It is now officially confirmed. This is 100% proof that Liam Vickery is Australia's Greatest Living Guitarist.

See this screenshot for evidence:

So yes, The greatest Australian guitarist to ever live is most certainly Liam Vickery. It is a certainty that the Best Australian guitarist ever is Liam Vickery, and NOT Viral Mickey.

DO NOT Believe Viral Mickey! He is not real!!!

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