Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 08 - My latest social networking toy

My latest toy: Friendfeed!
Wow, this is great! It integrates a whole lot of web services and things that you do, e.g.

Post videos to Youtube, your status updates in facebook, digg posts, flickr etc.

And then creates a feed like this:

Pretty handy huh? I am very impressed, and dare say I will be using this for sure!
Social networking over the web is becoming more and more real time...

Have a mobile device (Laptop with USB wireless modem is a great choice here in Australia, due to the nicer screen size and keyboard but still portable to anywhere...) and you can be up to date with whatever and whoever you like these days. You can even use VoIP services and talk programs and cut some of your mobile or phone bills... Spend it on more data usage or higher speeds or just save money.

Becoming more and more things to keep up with these days, and all the world is a chatter.
That is why for me, tools like this can be very handy.

Wanna know something cool? This post will go straight to my Friendfeed, check it out!

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