Sunday, December 28, 2008

Facebook Censors Breastfeeding Mums

Facebook has allegedly decided to censor breastfeeding mothers photos as they are 'obscene.' A physical protest is taking place today (27 December 08) at Palo Alto from 11AM to 2PM(PT), outside Facebook's headquarters. An online protest is also taking place. Members are uploading photos of themselves nursing their babies as their profile pictures. See here:

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My personal rant on this...

I personally find this a bit much - you can see just as much on the cover of magazines commonly for sale in shops for instance... So they decide what I can and can't share, and what is appropriate? I get no choice which of my friends third party Applications have access to all of my information (THEY ALL DO!!!) So to block these applications who I don't know/trust/like I have to block my friends. Whihc leaves you all alone in FaceBook, as most people have been fooled like I was in the beginning. I personally find FaceBook's policies completely insecure and disgustingly un-transparent. Even MYSPACE gives you total control over who and what you share your info with. And the fact that you can't DELETE your account, only CLOSE it... FaceBook is a slimy cesspool that will become more and more corrupted and perverted as time goes on...

140,000,000 users, 55,000 applications and counting... FaceBook says they are monitoring third-party applications, but how could they possibly have the time or manpower to monitor all activity? In my opinion this is just a smokescreen, and to compete with MYSPACE they allowed developers access to all of everyone's info once they use that application.

Yeah, so I might be 'being paranoid' but how do I know that an application is not really run by a Pedophile ring, harvesting baby photos to sell on the blackmarket? Word of mouth?

How do I know that applications aren't harvesting credit card numbers and email addresses for future scams and fraud?

Why is my friends who use applications inbox going wild since they started playing 'games' on FaceBook?

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