Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to uninstall facebook applications

Currently the answer to the title of this blog post 'How to uninstall facebook applications' is you can't. Well at least not the official FaceBook applications. Which brings dismay to me and many a user...

There is some serious privacy problems going on from what I can tell with FaceBook.

When you join you have applications like the Gift application by default and cannot remove them. Third party applications can be developed which can either 'pull' your info and details or not. I am yet to find one which doesn't ask you to do this to use them. So to use their application you have to share you and ALL YOUR FRIENDS information including details, pictures, friends etc...

Okay this is another issue.. look at the following picture. The default setting for this application and all I've seen: CHECKED! So the program has access to all of my data at any time. The data is all of my profile, and all of my friends' as well as pictures etc...

Have a read of some of the typical Facebook users' comments about one of the default applications in Facebook, in this next picture I have created. This is an actual screenshot from the 'Gifts' application page. I just blurred the users name and images for privacy reasons obviously, as that is the whole point and problem here. (Click ON the picture to see a better quality version)

I can't believe that they are not listening to their users on this one.

So I made the mistake of actually writing a few pretty harsh and crass comments around the FaceBook world which was silly so I thought I would blog about it for posterity, lest I get kicked off there. Hehehe. No great loss if I do though. It has been good while it has lasted but I have decided to make a stand here as I feel this is important and needs to be clarified.

I have created this group for anyone who uses FaceBook and wishes to join in and help here.

Hopefully I'm not booted and the group helps somehow... FaceBook I really love you, sorry for swearing and the nasty comments, but I demand respect for all of us!!! What you are doing is not right and needs to be updated and fixed.


ldm616 said...

setttings > application > settings > "X"

K1000 said...

or go to