Saturday, December 6, 2008

I just updated my website a little, it is okay I guess but needs a lot of work to show what I am capable of properly. It is going very smoothly though, with a guest book, forum, some of my music including a song featuring a very angry woman swearing at a person I know... I wonder if she will ever hear it? You can hear it in any case at

I found this interesting and really cool...

Finally a company GETS IT! Round and shiny is great, but not for everything and especially not at the cost of usability or efficiency.

Myself would rather simple, or even ugly... Than slow, buggy and bloated just to be shiny and look 'better'. I think there is much beauty in simplicity sometimes. - My thought for the day.

A great product I have just started using for XML RSS and atom feeds etc. is Google Reader.

You can use it to subscribe to news feeds and things like that, and be current to world events at anytime of the day. You dont have to install it onto you computer, it is a web application online.

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