Friday, December 19, 2008

Latest Internet Explorer security hole patched

Check it out! Microsoft's latest GAPING SECURITY HOLE is patched!,139033343,339293905,00.htm#talkback

Update your Internet Explorer now guys... (And then DON'T use it anyway!)

MUCH BETTER BROWSERS: These all support modern web standards and security much better than Explorer ever did, and by the looks of it, ever will. Lose the dinosaur I reckon microsoft... Team up somehow and rebrand Firefox or Chrome or something...

Google chrome is open source, you will be able to steal that code, encrypt and compile it and pass it off as your own work!

At least that Browser would be more secure than your swiss cheese type offering, that smells like same, but as if the cheese had been left out in a warm, moist mouldy room for a week. Simple. Explorer stinks, and is full of holes....

This is what I prefer to do to explorer myself:

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