Friday, December 19, 2008

Online surveys

Okay. I Joined an online survey company in mid November. So far it is not that impressive... I won't say the name of the company... (Yet?)

I emailed them through their online feedback form when they asked for feedback:


I seem to have only been credited for 1 survey.

I have attempted HEAPS and wasted about an hour or more to continually get rejected and told I don't qualify after HEAPS of questions, more than seems reasonably needed to qualify. I feel ripped off. I will also be copying and pasting this text to my blog and wait your response...

I will not post your reply in my blog (if you do) as that is confidential, but I will say whether I am happy with my response or not and whether I should recommend you to my readers or not. Cheers - Liam Vickery.

I felt a bit silly after sending this to them, but also felt obligated to post this on my blog as I said I would.


I have joined a few of these sort of things lately, will let you guys know if any are actually any good, and which ones earn some descent money online... And which are rubbish to stay away from.

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