Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picasso smiley strikes again

Picasso smiley strikes again!


What next? Well, it's coming... more to come in this post I don't have time to finish it right now,
but this page is just here in recognition of ..-)

Picasso smiley. One of my offspring...
You saw it here first.

(This page is currently the official Picasso smiley fan club page so feel free to comment here)

(:|) Moo!

Yeah I know this is all a bit silly but we all need a little light hearted fun and games now and then don't we? I'm a big kid really... Not all the time, but we're all just here doing our best in life so sometimes it's nice to not takes things so seriously, or just to think a little differently from your normal routine, even if that means taking the colon from a smiley, and replacing it with two periods, creating PICASSO SMILEY!

w00t w00t
The sheriff will be after that Picasso smiley character if he causes any trouble, he reckons he has strange eyes and he'll be watching him!

Any other ideas for getting creative people? Comments are very welcome here.

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