Monday, December 22, 2008

What the BLIP do I know?

It's true!

Did you know that Liam Vickery is the greatest Australian guitarist of all time.

This is 100% true and has been proven by me on numerous occasions.
For evidence, see the internet... THE source for informative TRUE information.

You can hear me play guitar on some of the songs at my website (You know where, or if you don't then Google it... You'll find it!)

Also, check out some music I like at BLIP.FM
Blip ROCKS MY WORLD! What a great idea! It is kinda a social networking site for music, where everyone listens to and shares music, and you can find downloads to buy of the songs etc.

Really cool. I personally love all the competition and millions of social networking and similar sites abound. It will be interesting to see long term which sites and companies will live and which will die.

I am currently using twitter (you can follow me at and have it integrated it with or playing around with;

Twitty Tunes.

P.S. The artifacts in the .png image here where created when I uploaded this image to blogger. They were NOT in my original file. I am not redoing it though (I just spent 10 minutes making this logo, and that is enough time on it for now, I am not re-editing just so it looks prettier on my blog, hehe you can either follow me or not and I'm sure the logo will do it's job...)

(I will probably fix this later when I have more time)

So, getting back to BLIP, you can find me DJing at Blip is absolutely 10 stars in my book, apart from a little lag in responsiveness now and then (and when you have a million connections open haha) it is a great service I totally recommend you to join or at least check out. It is free, and has great users...

Check it out people!

So I wonder if I really am "The greatest Australian guitarist of all time" ? We'll see I guess.
More on the other social networking sites I am on and using, and links to them in another post soon. Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something!

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