Friday, December 4, 2009

The Making Of Adjustable Peacock Wrench

So just what is this all about anyway?

Well, I decided to make a videoclip for one of my tracks and upload it to YouTube. Quite amazing what you can do yourself with a simple PC and some software these days huh? I mean, it's nothing too flash by today's standards... but only a few years back this would have been impossible to do without thousands and thousands of dollars worth of high end video and audio gear. I spent the most time actually writing the music for it. I had no intention of making the video until after the track was (basically) finished.

But you know how musicians and other arty types have this perfectionist thing where they don't want to release their work or pronounce it finished? The problem with that is, you can spend months or even years on something, refining it, going back and reflecting on how to improve or change parts etc. On one hand I am like that, but on the other - Maybe I have ADHD ? I often get bored of things I have started creating after a few days or something. And then I move on to the next thing. I'm not sure why it is, but I don't seem to stick at many things for very long. Though I do often come back to them. This makes me a bit of a 'Jack of all trades and master of none.' This track for example was made from start to finish exactly one week ago. The only things I had already done were the picture of the Peacock wrench which I drew a few months ago, and the old school video game sounding 'outro' credits music at the end, which took about a half hour another time whilst I was experimenting with retro sounds and thinking of 8 bit console/video/computer gaming.

I drew the peacock while doing some art with a very artistic friend of mine. He is a brilliant artist. Whilst I am not scared of a pencil, I'm no Michelangelo. But I do occasionally enjoy messing round with pencil and paper or whatever mediums and just going with whatever my subconscious presents at the time. So getting back to the timeframe of a week thing, I spent about three days on the audio track, then about three or four hours learning to use Windows Movie Maker and inserting frames, adding the effects and making the titles and credits. Oh, and making the spiral-ish dartboard looking thing with (which is a brilliant program similar to photoshop but free) was part of the included time whilst doing the video editing - I thought geez, I need some more frames and something for the visuals or it'll be too boring to watch. In future I may spend a more time and do some actual animations.

So to go on with the process, I first made a higher quality version at 640x480 pixels, which was about 62Mb. And it failed during upload at about 55 meg, And then Youtube went down for maintenance and I couldn't upload, so I recompiled (rendered? whatever...) a smaller version of 320x240 pixels which is 12 megabytes and uploaded it the next day when YouTube was back up.

(Get here: )

Any feedback on the track will be appreciated. Love it or hate it, I don't mind - just comment what's on your mind about it and what it does for you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I was in a bakery today and spied myself some LOL.
Thought I would get some and give it a go. Well, LOL was okay I guess...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Google: Beware the eBay Curse

Here are five things the Web search giant should do to avoid the fate that befell eBay after the last recession

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Growth Through Failure - Social Media

Growth Through Failure - Dumb Things I've Done In Social Media.
(I recommend you DON'T do these things!)

In this post I will be sharing some of my personal experiences and mistakes I've made in social media. (And learnt from...)

Firstly, I would like to discuss the meanings of 'Social Media'
I believe that the word 'Social' is key here. It is about society and community. Making genuine connections with people and sharing useful ideas, information, and opinions. Everybody has one (opinion) as the proverbial goes - Should you share yours?

Well I once would have said, sure just say what you like when you like. Don't censor yourself at all. After spending the last few months very actively in Social Networks and online I have tempered my thoughts a little on this.

Why say stupid, boring, or needlessly negative comments?
Once you hit enter, if you say or post something stupid or malicious it is more than likely going to reflect poorly on yourself. People develop a sense of your character over time, and friends may forgive some of this, but people who are just getting to know you or see you for the first time are likely to form negative impressions of you if you do this.

Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and other social bookmarking sites:
Submit rubbish content that is not interesting.
People won't digg, stumble, or upvote those submissions, which are recorded.. and make you look like a lame submitter. (Because you are)

Either submit stuff you actually like and think some other people will also like or don't bother. Long term if you like that site, you would want to be a good user wouldn't you? Check out and learn from what the people that inspire you do. Do a little research about the network... It is your community now so get to know it, and some of the people in it. Follow, friend, read, and learn from the best. (Whoever you think that may be, though remember if thousands of other people are interesting in them, they are at least doing something right. Whether or not that interests you is your choice, obviously.)

Not reply to comments. I have had a few comments on this blog and should have replied to them straight away.. Unknowingly, I ignored the people who were gracious enough to visit, read the post, and spend some time to comment! I'm sorry people, and I do endeavour to be conscious of this in future, and always try to reply promptly. Tip: In blogspot here, I have turned email notification to comments on.
Now I will know via email when I get comments, so can read them and reply if necessary.

Write lame posts. (Haha, not sure if this specific post qualifies for lame, but may help some people hopefully. That is the intent.)
Have an unprofessional or default looking blog. Yes this blog layout is still very boring. I'm new here cut me some slack, I'll work on it.

Some of my faux paus here:
Be patronising. (I actually didn't mean to be, was trying to be funny with a lame joke or similar... but came off differently.)
A few times I have been rude to people inadvertently on twitter doing this. I felt bad and foolish for how I must have sounded. wished I'd put more thought into it, as I actually like those people.. Who have now unfollowed me.

People have all sorts of reasons for following and unfollowing though and I don't worry too much about why or judge anyone's choices.. I have no idea why each individual chose to unfollow me. It could have been for anything. That is the beauty of social media, it is a two way street as I've heard said many times. You can friend or follow whoever you choose.

Another time, before I'd even spoken to a person, I @replied them with a link! What a fool! It was only in jest, but I immediately thought, woops! Sorry! See you can't take those actions back, they've happened now.

But I do learn, and that is the most important thing. Choose to surround yourself with people that inspire and motivate you. Folks that entertain you, and bring out best in you. Share with them, help to bring out their best... Have fun in the many communities online as you develop your digital self.

Every letter you type, photo you post etc. is left there online for anyone to see, and the masses will never get to know who you really are on a very personal level. Which does make it important to try to present yourself as best you can. After some time online, I now see that it is just as important as say wearing makeup for women, or brushing your teeth etc. It is not about being fake or insincere, it is about etiquette, and respect.

Get to know people and try to have meaningful, genuine conversations... Be social! And hey, these aren't rules, and sorry if I sounded a little cliche, anywhere in the post. If anything did sound cliche, is because I believe it is true, or appropriate. I'm just sharing my beliefs and experiences. Any other thoughts people?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

100 interesting websites

100 Interesting Websites

March 1. - Southern Hemisphere Autumn Begins Today.

For my first post this month I would like to share my new '100 interesting websites' with you.
It is an open list, add your site and be included in the list. It may help get you a few visitors, or the right person find your site or blog at the right time. Please, go ahead and add your site to the list. It's easy to do.

100 Interesting Websites.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Liams Twitter Mosaic

Twitter mosaic - And a little shoutout to my followers.

(If you don't see yourself here, it is because it is limited to a certain amount of followers, and I still love you.)

I just tried out this web application to make a mosaic out of your following or followers on Twitter. Good one, thought I might as well add it to my blog, a little tribute to some of my followers and just sharing it in case you wanted to do the same or check it out.

You can click on people's icons to be taken to their actual Twitter profiles, and follow them from there too, if you wish.

Get your twitter mosaic here.