Saturday, January 10, 2009



Terms and conditions of reading.

Everything in this blog is neither fact nor fantasy. It is the ramblings of a rampant information junkie. All posts previous and future are fictitious, and I will not be held responsible for any actions resulting from any post. Any and all Brands, trademarks, slogans, and other copyrighted material is Their respective owners... Who do a great job at what ever it is that they do, or I wouldn't be ranting about them. By reading this blog you agree to disclaim any and all rights to discuss what was read here or repost or use of this content anywhere on the internet or other media of any tangible form without my explicit permission. I pwn you, not you pwn me damn internet freaks! I laugh at crazy companies' crazy lawsuits and the like and this blog will damage your eyes and brain if your read any more of it. I have changed my mind, and all of you are forbidden to read it. Every single person! Close your browser now, and go out in the sunshine, get some fresh air and have a beautiful day! Or snuggle up with some hot chocolates or whatever tickles your fancy... Sorry for the lack of formatting in this post but I am tired. I still felt it was important to say above said, and to relinquish any evil readers of the right to say or do anything about what I write here as they were not invited in the first place, and it is all just rubbish! Every single thing I write here is just one big rant about whatever I am thinking at the time.... Well, I've gotta go get busy on another project so thats all for now. kthxbye.

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