Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Facebook's security compromised - A different twist.

Facebook falls for phishing scam on Twitter!

*Update 14th Jan 09 - The account was hacked.
I was wrong, they weren't phished and tricked.
Sorry FaceBook.

However - The following rant is still entertaining... And is what I believed happened at the time.

I hate how you allow third parties (other friends installed Applications) to access my information against my will. I see you have been compromised on twitter, and your representative fell for the dirty trick.

Serves you right... @facebook. Couldn't have happened to a better (Worse) twitterer. Don't get me wrong - I don't hate facebook or anything people, I just have concerns over security there... And so far have not found anything to alay them, the further I dig, the worse it seems. It's all cute 'lil green patch on the surface... Who is running these apps and why?

This shows you first hand the problems of third parties having access to your info. Suck on that, 'James'

See this funny screenshot... (Funny to me, sucks for them!)

In my opinion, APPLICATIONS=PHISH. 'nuff said, I'll shut up now (for a little while, heh...)

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KyNam Doan said...

Twitter really needs to step it up on securty. Hacking/phishing is rampant! I guess monetizing is really the elephant.