Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The secret to getting lots of followers on Twitter

The secret to getting lots of followers on twitter is...

Well, start by adding me here.


*Okay people, this one is for those of you who are pretty new to twitter or have never joined. This will help you to get started, get more QUALITY followers, and have some fun. If you have been using twitter for a while, maybe you could point some new folks here, if you think it might also help them :-)

See, "It is not really about how many followers you have - it's about the great people you meet and what you can learn and share."

If you haven't joined already, just click that link and sign up it's easy you just need to choose a username and password, and enter in an email address.

I've only joined recently myself as of this post and have 750 followers on twitter right now. I had 5 on Dec 19th.

So far, I recommend following people from peoples profiles, and their conversations... Read some of the blog posts, particularly the retweeted ones. RT or retweet is repeating something useful another person has said, like this:

RT @liamvickery You win some, you lose some. What matters is getting a beer ocassionally.

Spend the time to talk with people, genuinely converse - that is what this medium is wonderful for. Listen to people and don't just talk all day long about you. I am very guilty of tweeting a lot :-) And am learning to be conscious of what I say to not flood peoples stream so much... If it is only you (or me) talking, all you see is them and no-one else seems to get a word in edge-wise.

Find out who you know that is on twitter and encourage your friends and family to join, it's a whole lot of fun and you can learn some amazing things. There is also some celebrities on there, along with some fake ones, ha... and there is a lot of news channels and companies using it. You can also try typing twitter.com/ <--TypeANameHere and see if they are on twitter.

The username you choose turns into links, for example mine is: @liamvickery and the URL it also creates and that links to is this; http://twitter.com/liamvickery

Hey, I'm not an expert by any means, ha! I'm only new at this and this post is aiming to share with you what I have learned so far. Follow me on twitter and we can talk some more about anything I've written here.

One of the beauties of twitter and it's 140 character limit is that it makes you think about how to get your point across more clearly and efficiently. I would not have the luxury of a few sentences like I do in this post, it is a realtime conversation in twitter... Though it is strange because you could also go back and reply to things from months or years ago. I don't really recommend this that would be silly. Just get amongst it, and start sharing with people and speaking your mind, though be nice... You may regret some things other wise.

To get some tools and applications for twitter, check out twitter.com/downloads
A very popular one to use is tweetdeck and you can see a widget version on my myspace page.

I still use the standard web a lot though, and use Firefox with Powertwitter which is a great addon and if you are using firefox to twitter get this one. you will see why.

There is all sorts of people and topics that float around 'twitterville', so I recommend checking out the public timeline for an interesting hit of new information and people.

search.twitter.com is very useful too... look for topics you are interested in and follow and talk to people about them! The search is real time which is great.

I will post some more as I learn people. Thanks for reading.

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