Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top Aussies On Twitter

Top Aussies On Twitter.

Liam Vickery's personal choices for the top Australian twitterers.
Before you read any further, let it be known that this is a personal opinion and current as this post was made but not my conclusive list. Twitter is ever growing as we know (those that are already using it) and many more top Aussies are sure to come.

Please contact me on twitter if you would like to be added or know someone who should be and I agree that you/they should be on this page :-)
Contact me here: @liamvickery

Here we go, in Alphabetical order:

Much more to come, just wanted to get the ball rolling for now. Maybe see this as a draft version.


Hayley Solich said...

Interesting list...not sure that I know any of them...feel free to consider me for your list. :)ln

phocks said...

Brilliant list! :)

Mine would be quite biased as well, but would most likely include:


oh, and you of course!

Maybe I'll think about doing some kind of list on my blog like this. Thanks, I've noticed a few extra quality followers coming around.

Mike said...

You forgot the world's greatest guitarist. Liam somebody I think. And then there's the guy with the dodgy hair - Starak I think his name is!

Nick HaC said...

Thanks Liam!

Definately add


to your list!

Good ppl that i listen to everyday.



Laurel Papworth said...

Pretty brave of you. For every 1 on the list, there's thousands left out, all gunning for you. :)

stinginthetail said...

I removed one of the so-called top Aussies from my Twitter list after reading the entry below - there's a lot more on people's blogs, but basically, the guy's a convicted spammer.