Friday, February 20, 2009

Digger goes meltdown crazy on Digg - nitmeh3

Digger goes Crazy on Digg!

A Digg user has had an angry meltdown today - nitmeh3 'was' his username.

In 54 minutes it has 90 Diggs so far... [Digg]

It appears they have currently banned the user nitmeh3 (Who has reregistered another profile under the name MICKvernon, and adding more comments.)

They have not currently blocked the page from the site, here's an earlier view...

I was hesitant to tell people about this, however I guess that is journalism for you, and if I don't cover this story and give some details, someone else will anyway... So I might as well share my experience.

The story has already made it to Reddit I notice.. On Reddit

We will have to see what the outcome is later I guess...

*update half an hour later*
The first big Digg reaction.

So that article actually makes much more sense.

And he's back again a third time, banned twice in half an hour.
MickVernomn | 9 minutes ago | Sorry got banned again. (etc.)

I don't think what happened was very cool at all, a shame it happened actually. The guy needs to loosen up a little... Maybe he could do with some time away from the computer or something? Well, it was some entertainment for my morning, in any case.


Sumeet said...

People getting banned on digg is common but this guy took it too deeply. I would like to Thank you for the follow and the kind words on my blog.

Liam Vickery said...

My pleasure Sumeet, thanks. I really enjoy using Digg myself..

I think some people do take it far too seriously though. To me it is simply about news, current affairs and trends, and entertainment.

I like to just go and see some new stuff, check out some comments, maybe leave a couple... and be on my merry way. Then, I do the same again later.

Thanks again for the comment and I'm enjoying following you on twitter. You have some good tweets.