Friday, February 6, 2009

Follow Friday

Follow Friday ( #followfriday )

If you have heard of #followfriday and wondering what it is you have come to the right post.

Every Friday in the 'Twitterverse' it has become a tradition for people on Twitter to recommend some of their friends or interesting people that they follow to their own readers/followers.

It is a great idea, and fosters the development of groups and communities of people better. It is an organic way of improving the network if you think about it, and is a lot of fun. It makes people feel good to be recommended to follow and also to recommended to others.

One very important defining feature of #followfriday is the hashtag, make sure to place a #followfriday somewhere in the tweet. It doesn't matter where you place the #hashtags in your tweets. Learn more on #hashtags here, they are VERY important and useful in Twitter.

For an example, to recommend some for follow friday, you might tweet:

#followfriday I reckon @liamvickery is good for a follow friday because he is the World's best guitarist!

Or something to that effect *Grin*

Now that you know, make sure to have some fun on followfriday's from now on. If you are not on twitter, and you got this far.. What are you doing?? JOIN TWITTER NOW!

Cheers readers. I hope this helps some people.


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd mention that is a great way of Following #followfriday in realtime :-)

Pablothehat said...

Great post Liam! Though I have had a Twitter account for ages I never got round to using it until late last year. Now I find I am always Twittering and link following. Better than Stumbleupon.

Digigirlmisty said...

Hi Liam, I almost did a post similar to yours.. good thing i read this.. but i do heart #followfriday great way to meet new twitter friends.. Great post

Jay R Marlin said...

Hi Liam, I'm also glad I was directed to this. I've seen the #followfriday and wanting to play, but didn't know the 'rules'. I'll be sure to point my peeps here. thanks again.

Terri said...

Hi Liam - glad to have found this article. I've been on Twitter awhile now but didn't quite 'get' the how of followfriday and was too embarassed to ask anyone! Terri @bayoffundy

Andy said...

FollowFriday has jumped the shark (but we can fix it)