Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stalked By The Reddit Alien

Stalked by the Reddit Alien!

Okay, first a brief rant to Reddit, to set the mood.

Reddit, your site hurts my eyes and is not as cool as it could be. It is a little harsh on the eyes in my opinion. Maybe a firefox plugin with custom CSS options for changing the colour from default white, A few options?

Maybe Reddit? I dunno, I guess having the site set up like that is your thing, but whilst I love the content on your site, I don't enjoy looking at it or visiting as much as I could purely for visual reasons. I wonder if that affects your site much from others?

A funny thing happened to me today. I was browing some articles on the net and I'm looking at one on Reddit and noticing how stark the site is. So I tweeted this on Twitter...

I had gone into and I was playing some music so I wasn't paying attention to twitter. I came back to twitter a little later, and it opened to this: THE ALIEN!!!

The freaking Reddit alien staring right at me in my Twitter stream!
Notice also, how he said "Zing!", and then shortly after, @autosnap said "OH SNAP!"
This is an automated response, if you say anything ending in zing, that bot/script will repeat the tweet and add OH SNAP!

So I was naturally like, "Who is this @kn0thing guy, with the evil little red alien in his pic?"
And it turned out to be; the Twitter account of Alexis Ohanian!
(Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of

Thanks Alexis, you really made me laugh hard with that one! Cheers ;)

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