Friday, December 4, 2009

The Making Of Adjustable Peacock Wrench

So just what is this all about anyway?

Well, I decided to make a videoclip for one of my tracks and upload it to YouTube. Quite amazing what you can do yourself with a simple PC and some software these days huh? I mean, it's nothing too flash by today's standards... but only a few years back this would have been impossible to do without thousands and thousands of dollars worth of high end video and audio gear. I spent the most time actually writing the music for it. I had no intention of making the video until after the track was (basically) finished.

But you know how musicians and other arty types have this perfectionist thing where they don't want to release their work or pronounce it finished? The problem with that is, you can spend months or even years on something, refining it, going back and reflecting on how to improve or change parts etc. On one hand I am like that, but on the other - Maybe I have ADHD ? I often get bored of things I have started creating after a few days or something. And then I move on to the next thing. I'm not sure why it is, but I don't seem to stick at many things for very long. Though I do often come back to them. This makes me a bit of a 'Jack of all trades and master of none.' This track for example was made from start to finish exactly one week ago. The only things I had already done were the picture of the Peacock wrench which I drew a few months ago, and the old school video game sounding 'outro' credits music at the end, which took about a half hour another time whilst I was experimenting with retro sounds and thinking of 8 bit console/video/computer gaming.

I drew the peacock while doing some art with a very artistic friend of mine. He is a brilliant artist. Whilst I am not scared of a pencil, I'm no Michelangelo. But I do occasionally enjoy messing round with pencil and paper or whatever mediums and just going with whatever my subconscious presents at the time. So getting back to the timeframe of a week thing, I spent about three days on the audio track, then about three or four hours learning to use Windows Movie Maker and inserting frames, adding the effects and making the titles and credits. Oh, and making the spiral-ish dartboard looking thing with (which is a brilliant program similar to photoshop but free) was part of the included time whilst doing the video editing - I thought geez, I need some more frames and something for the visuals or it'll be too boring to watch. In future I may spend a more time and do some actual animations.

So to go on with the process, I first made a higher quality version at 640x480 pixels, which was about 62Mb. And it failed during upload at about 55 meg, And then Youtube went down for maintenance and I couldn't upload, so I recompiled (rendered? whatever...) a smaller version of 320x240 pixels which is 12 megabytes and uploaded it the next day when YouTube was back up.

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Any feedback on the track will be appreciated. Love it or hate it, I don't mind - just comment what's on your mind about it and what it does for you.

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